The rivalry between Duke University and The University of North Carolina has been one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports for the past 100 years. While each school strives for dominance in all aspects of athletics, the main focus has revolved around the Men’s Basketball teams. Both schools boast extremely impressive success throughout the years and have become blue-blood programs with winning expectations. The thing about this rivalry that makes it so special, is not only the proximity these schools have to each other (10 miles), but the pure evenness the rivalry has been throughout the years. No school has completely tipped the scale on who has the edge in this rivalry. Although UNC has 137 overall wins, and Duke has 111 wins in the rivalries entire history, in the past 103 games, the overall record is 52 UNC-51 Duke, with a total point separation of only 3 points!

On February 20th, 2019 The North Carolina Tar Heels will head to Cameron Indoor Stadium to take on the number one team in the country, the Duke Blue Devils. Superstar Freshman, Zion Williamson along with RJ Barrett are expected to have a big presence in this game and many people are underestimating the strength and talent of UNC. Many famous icons will be making an appearance to this game including Spike Lee, Michael Jordan, and Barack Obama!

10 miles apart

A short half-hour drive is what separates these two historic universities. There is a lot of pride on the line over who is the dominant team in the state of North Carolina

2 Hall of Fame Coaches

The success of these two programs has been greatly due to the unmatched coaching that has been present for decades. Coach Mike Krzyzewski holds a winning record of 1,059–285 and has lead the Blue Devils to 5 National Championships. Coach Williams has a winning record of 453–133 and has lead the Tar Heels to 3 National Championships.

Cameron Indoor Stadium

Cameron Indoor is Duke’s historic basketball arena that was built in the Fall of 1940. This is one of the most intimate venues in all of college basketball due to its close quarters. This stadium holds only 9,314 seats, which is twice as little as UNC’s Dean Dome. The size creates an extremely loud environment and is one of the toughest arenas for traveling teams to play in.


Big thanks to the people who contributed to the making of this documentary including Chris Rain, John Stusky,
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